ISO-certified legal translations

Legal documentation underpins corporate operations at every level of a global organisation. Fast and accurate translations promote cross-company communication and avoid bottlenecks for your stakeholders.

Our ISO-certified quality and established workflows, together with the best legal linguists available, help us to provide you with a level of service and quality assurance that you expect, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your business.


Why choose Planet Languages for your legal translations requirements

At Planet Languages, we work with specialist legal translators, as well as making use of highly specialised translation tools to speed up the process. All our translators are aware of the cultural, social and linguistic aspects of both languages. Your legal document will be certified before it reaches you, ensuring its quality and accuracy.

We offer a range of legal translation services:
Warranty information
Data protection & GDPR
Software licences
Legal letters
Terms & Conditions
Internal Regulations

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Yes, we do provide certified translations that can be used for legal or official purposes. We certify our documents by adding a printed statement which states that the translation is complete and accurate, to the best of our knowledge. A certified translation will contain the signature of a company director or a senior project manager and our Association of Translation Companies certification stamp. There is no additional charge for this service.

We always advise clients to check with the relevant authority they are planning to submit the certified translation to on their exact requirements, as certain authorities will only accept notarised translations or translations including an apostille, none of which we can provide.
No, typically they are not. Our legal translators are highly skilled professional linguists with extensive knowledge of legal systems and legal terminology and substantial experience with translating legal texts.