Sustainability Translation Services

Whether you represent a corporate entity, an NGO or government department, sustainability translation services are hugely important in today’s global community.

If you are responsible for your company’s sustainability programme, which may be part of a wider CSR or ESG agenda, then being understood across multiple cultures and understanding the points of view of those cultures is vital to your success. Similarly, your communications need to be readily accessible across a swathe of countries, cultures and languages.


The pillars of sustainability

Sustainability necessarily needs to be a global effort, simply because the effects of unsustainable practices are global in scale. The pillars of sustainability are based on economic viability, environmental protection, and social equity, and are all international in scope. They encompass a wide range of disciplines, sub-sciences, governmental policies and regulations.


Sustainability communication channels

There is a plethora of communication channels designed to reach every audience. Printed material, websites and apps, video content, white papers, social media posts and email correspondence all require a slightly different approach when it comes to translation. Print layouts, for example, should factor in translation uplift. Some languages can expand by as much as 40% compared to the source text, so it’s worth keeping this in mind at the layout design stage. Online, however, is far more forgiving.

No matter which communication channels you choose, your translated content needs to be engaging, clear and accurate. Mistranslations of key terminology could easily hamper your organisation’s efforts.


Specialist team

Planet Languages’ sustainability translation team are accomplished linguists with in-depth knowledge of sustainability issues and adept at conveying your message effectively in your target markets.

We can also advise on making the most of each channel by providing guidance on layout design for printed communication and editing appropriately for online audiences. Planet Languages uses state-of-the-art technology and custom workflows to ensure consistency in your message across multiple territories and campaigns.


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What our clients say

"I have worked with Planet Languages now for almost 18 years and it has always been a great pleasure. Their professional pro-active and in-depth approach to projects has enabled us to meet our communication goals on a global scale."

Global Head of Account Management, Corporate Creative Services

November 2020

"Thank you so much for the translation. I have checked it and can gladly say that it requires no changes at all. Big applause for your team of translators."

Visual Merchandising Trainer, EMEA

June 2020

"Thanks very much for your help – it’s a pleasure to work with you. You are speedy and efficient, delivering quality translations."

Marketing & Communications Director, EMEA

May 2020