eLearning & Training translation

eLearning content translation made seamless

Are you looking to make your training materials available in multiple languages? A well-trained
workforce allows businesses to remain competitive, grow and innovate. And organisations that offer relevant, practical training programmes attract the best talent.

Yet the workplace is evolving rapidly. Companies around the world are shifting towards a hybrid
model, offering employees the flexibility to work from home or in the office. And with AI and
automation transforming the jobs landscape, upskilling and reskilling are top priorities for today’s
Learning and Development professionals.
To meet these challenges, businesses of all sizes are embracing elearning as a cost-effective way of
delivering staff training.

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e-learning: learning that’s as flexible as your workplace

Electronic learning, or e-learning, involves using a computer or mobile device to access educational material online. E-Learning courses typically feature a variety of instructional design elements to complement various learning styles.

These elements can include audio or video recordings, animations, images, software demos and online assessments. This form of training offers learners an interactive, engaging and inclusive experience, allowing then to learn at their own pace and at a time that suits them.


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eLearning localization services

Nearly 90% of people agree that it is easier to learn in their native language. So, it makes sense for
organisations to translate their training materials into their workforce’s native language. Planet
Languages offers a comprehensive range of localization services for your eLearning content to
help you deliver a culturally appropriate and memorable learning experience. Our eLearning
localization and training content translation services include:

  • Translation
    • Instructor-led training material
    • PowerPoint presentation slides
    • Notes
    • Classroom-based workbooks
    • Intranet content
    • Quizzes
    • Assessments
    • Certificates


  • Localization
    • Learning management system user interfaces
    • Mobile apps
    • Software demos
    • Adaptation of units of measurement, dates and currencies for target locales
    • Reversing sequences for right-to-left languages


  • Multimedia production
    • Typesetting of handouts
    • Graphics
    • Transcription of audio recordings
    • Voiceover and/or subtitles for video tutorials
  • Quality assurance
    • Identifying bugs
    • Testing functionality of interactive elements
    • Checking assessment scoring system
    • Fixing line breaks
    • Highlighting display issues (overlapping text/images, fonts that do not support special

We work closely with you to understand your requirements and create a customised workflow that
meets your needs. We can help you with translating every aspect of your training curriculum, from
initial project brief right through to delivery to your end users – in the format of your choice.


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eLearning industry expertise

Today’s leading eLearning authoring tools offer robust support for localizing your training content. We are experienced with all leading eLearning authoring tools, including:

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Articulate Rise
  • Adobe Captivate
  • SmartBuilder
  • Elucidat
  • Lectora Inspire
  • Lectora Online
  • Gomo

Whichever tool you have used to create your training content, we ensure seamless integration
between your chosen systems and our own.

This allows you to benefit from our cutting-edge translation productivity and terminology management tools – for swift turnarounds and consistency across all your training content.

At Planet Languages, we understand that learning is a lifelong process. And when you want to refresh your core training content, there’s no need to start the localization process from scratch.

We use translation memories to store your approved translations and can leverage your existing content.

Switched to a different eLearning authoring tool? Want to give your course a brand-new look and feel? We can help. With our bespoke workflows, you benefit from cost-effective, friction-free
eLearning module updates.


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e-learning translation professionals

Making your training content available in multiple languages is easy with our team of e-learning
translation experts. Whether your enterprise offers a blended or digital-only learning approach, our tailored translation solutions will help you meet your workforce’s diverse learning needs.

At Planet Languages, we work with carefully selected linguists, desktop publishing specialists,
subtitling professionals and voice artists to deliver localized content designed to engage your target

With our team of e-learning translators, your training content will shine in any language. Hand-picked for their passion for continuing professional development, our team of specialist linguists includes academics, qualified translators with extensive teaching experience, quality assurance professionals and industry experts.

Our multilingual communication specialists are adept at using graded language. When they translate elearning content, they will consider your target audience and choose the most appropriate wording for their level. This ensures that all users – whether they are subject matter experts or novices – get the most out of their learning experience.

All elearning translations undergo revision by a second translator and rigorous quality assurance by our in-house project management team. For you, this means polished results, every time.


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Looking for eLearning content translation services?

You’ve come to the right place. Like us, you realise that employers who offer training enjoy greater
staff retention and more credibility in the labour market. And providing staff with training opportunities in their own language increases their motivation, performance and productivity.

When it comes to training your multilingual workforce or sharing your expertise with an international audience, Planet Languages can help you achieve your targets within budget and on time.

Before you press ahead with your next elearning project, why not contact us to find out how we can
help you?


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  • Why global corporations choose Planet Languages for eLearning content translations
  • Proven experience with all major eLearning authoring tools
  • Bespoke eLearning and training production workflows, offering complete peace of mind
  • Consistently high-quality translations and dedicated project management
  • All-inclusive rates
  • Exemplary customer service


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We are experienced with all leading eLearning authoring tools, including:
Adobe Captivate
Articulate Storyline
Articulate Rise
Lectora Inspire
Lectora Online

If you haven’t used your chosen eLearning tool’s import/export feature before, let us put your mind at rest by doing a test for you, before your project starts. And, once the localized content is imported back into the eLearning tool, Planet Languages can take care of all quality assurance checks to ensure everything displays correctly on screen and that there are no errors or bugs.

Our methodical, systematic approach to quality assurance will save you time, facilitate the eLearning process, and boost staff morale and brand credibility.

Why global corporations choose Planet Languages for their eLearning & Training translations
Proven experience with all major eLearning authoring tools
Bespoke eLearning & training production workflows, offering complete peace of mind
High-quality translations and dedicated project management
We have extensive experience with leading eLearning authoring tools (such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Elucidat, Gomo, Lectora Inspire and Lectora Online), but can certainly accommodate others. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Yes. We consider quality assurance (QA) checks an essential part of the translation and localization process and can certainly help you ensure that your content looks as it should, both from a technical and a linguistic perspective, whether you are using an eLearning platform or a more traditional PowerPoint approach.