Publishing Translation Services

The publishing industry has changed radically in recent years. The digital world has thrown up huge challenges for print publications and the competition to attract readers is fierce.

Print magazines need to be international in scope, appealing to audiences in multiple markets, languages and cultures in order to compete with digital content. The online publishing world, in turn, has expanded exponentially, and the competition to stand out in this market is fierce.

Creative Translation and Transcreation

When you’re communicating ideas as well as facts and figures, you need professional linguists who understand the nuances of your carefully crafted copy and who can write persuasively in their native language. Translating content fluently, whether for publications in print or digital format, is key to success. The target audience needs to feel that the words they are reading have been written specifically for them.

Layout and Design in Translation

Your translated magazines need to be visually appealing, too. The volume of written copy can grow or shrink dramatically depending on the source material and which language it is translated into. Getting the layout right is vital when you want to reach an international audience.

Multilingual Publishing Translation Team

Planet Languages’ expert multilingual publishing team consists of talented translators with razor-sharp writing skills and native-language DTP specialists, who will make sure that your words will always resonate with your international readers.

Our publishing translation services include:

  • Corporate publishing translation
  • Consumer publishing translation
  • Communications agency translation

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Publishing Translation Services