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Business Services Translation

Service industries have grown hugely over the last decade or so, contributing large portions of GDP to nations around the world. Services for the business world have had to grow fast, in line with the expansion of international business in general, with new online services popping up all the time.

Delivering any business service online automatically means it is available globally. Website localisation is the only way to ensure you secure your fair share of the market. But it’s worth noting that a badly translated website is certain to leave customers cold, erode trust and lose you business.


Tender Process Translation

Any business service has to appeal to and earn the trust of several tiers of staff within a company – any one of which could decide to leave you off their international supplier list if they don’t totally understand your offer, or if they don’t believe your service is professional. Even when you make the shortlist, if your service is similar to that of a competitor from another country, for example, lack of comprehension of your offer, a bad translation or misuse of local terminology could all be reasons to drop you from the tender process.


Business Services Translation Team

Planet Languages’ translators are well versed in global business practice and understand how tenders and international procurement processes work in each territory. With in-depth knowledge of your market’s customs and the terminology of each business sector, at our fingertips, we deliver perfectly pitched translations designed to help your business grow.


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Business Services Translation