Professional Transcription services

Planet Languages offers our clients professional transcriptions of all audio and video files.
We do not use voice-recognition software. All our transcription work is completed by our team of foreign language transcription specialists, who are qualified native speakers with many years of industry experience, thus guaranteeing a professional result.

Not sure what type of transcription you need? No problem – get in touch and our experienced project managers can guide you through the entire process.

Transcription is the process of converting the speech from an audio or video file to text. Typically, a transcript is provided in a Word document.
Transcription rates are calculated on a per-minute basis of audio recording. Generally, it takes one hour to transcribe every 15 minutes of audio, though this can vary depending on the quality of the audio and the number of speakers.
We can work with a variety of audio or video files, including .mov, .mp3, .mp4, .avi, .mpg and .wav files.
Our transcribers will provide a verbatim transcript of your audio or video file. Our default style is clean verbatim, and this is an accurate representation of what is being said – ideal for recordings of business meetings or conferences. A strict verbatim transcript will also include utterances (“um”, “uh”, “er”), stuttering (I- I- I- …), filler phrases (like, you know, kind of) and environmental sounds (applause, laughter, telephone ringing), and this may be a requirement for legal proceedings. An edited verbatim transcript is a polished version where grammar and tenses have been improved. This is a great option if you need a transcript that is both accurate and easily readable. Please just let us know which option is right for you.
This depends on the number of speakers in your audio or video file. If there is only one speaker, we can provide a transcript as free-flowing text or include a time code when the speaker pauses. If your audio or video file contains several speakers, we normally include a time code whenever there is a new speaker.
If your audio or video file contains multiple speakers, we can indicate this by order of appearance (Speaker 1, Speaker 2), include apparent genders (Female speaker 1, Male speaker 1), or refer to speakers by name (if you are able to provide a list of participant names).
We will ask you about the duration of your audio or video file, whether you need a clean, strict or edited verbatim transcript, the number of speakers, whether you need a time-coded transcript and your preferences regarding speaker labelling. It would be helpful for us to know how you are planning to use the transcript. We offer professional subtitling and voice-over services and would be very happy to support you with any next steps once you have received your transcript.