It is no secret that content is growing at a rapid pace and that this growth is being accelerated daily. You may have heard that 90% of the data in the world was generated over the last two years alone. However, what is more surprising is that this is a statement that has been true for years, which puts the data growth into a whole new light.

Adding this to the increasing demand for multilingual content to be delivered at short notice and to the ever-developing translation technology, it is no wonder that machine translation is now in demand more than ever.

At Planet Languages we continuously evaluate a variety of machine translation types and providers in order to compare results and get the best possible understanding of what solution would work best for our clients.

  1. Statistical Machine Translation
  2. Neural Machine Translation fuelled by Artificial Intelligence
  3. Assessed various high-profile machine translation providers
  4. Trained custom industry engines

Our professional computer-assisted translation tools integrate seamlessly with any chosen machine translation provider, so that we can ensure our clients are never limited in terms of their options.

If you already have a custom engine expressly trained for your content and require the help of a qualified and experienced linguist to ensure the output is of the highest quality, look no further.

Planet Languages was among the first translation companies to achieve certification to the ISO 18587 post-editing of Machine Translation (MT) output standard. Our post-editors are professional, qualified linguists, trained specifically to assess and improve machine translated output either using light or full post-editing depending on your requirements.