Banking Translation Services

With the rise in global business comes increased demand for global banking – a hugely competitive industry. For banks to prosper in this global environment they must be able to communicate on a local level. Banking translation covers not only the obvious such as statements, contracts and other financial documents, but also international banking marketing, PR and website localisation.

To engender trust in each local market, a bank’s communications must be cognizant of culture differences and local phraseology as well as a country’s banking terminology. Whether your business is in private or retail banking, corporate loans or private mortgages, the need for secure, accurate and timely translation services is vital to your success.


Specialist Translations Team

Planet Languages’ banking translation team is made up of native speakers who are also experts in the field of international and local banking and finance. We not only understand the terminology used in local banking industries but also are able to convey the meaning behind more creative aspects of bank marketing, ensuring translation at all levels of bank communications are accurate and meaningful.

Our translation memory system also captures each territory’s terms and phrases, building up the tone of voice your brand employs, speeding up each translation task and maintaining consistency over time.


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What our clients say

"I have worked with Planet Languages now for almost 18 years and it has always been a great pleasure. Their professional pro-active and in-depth approach to projects has enabled us to meet our communication goals on a global scale."

Global Head of Account Management, Corporate Creative Services

November 2020

"Thank you so much for the translation. I have checked it and can gladly say that it requires no changes at all. Big applause for your team of translators."

Visual Merchandising Trainer, EMEA

June 2020

"Thanks very much for your help – it’s a pleasure to work with you. You are speedy and efficient, delivering quality translations."

Marketing & Communications Director, EMEA

May 2020