Whether you work in the software, hardware, electronics or telecommunications industry, technology is a complex business that relies on clarity of communication – which is where technology translation comes in. Your customers need to understand the benefits that your innovative solutions offer, or they will quickly move on. Communicating clearly, concisely and persuasively about complex topics takes a top-notch technical writer. And when it comes to presenting your tech solution to international customers, you need a multi-tiered localisation strategy to stay ahead. Translations of end-user licence agreements, white papers, datasheets and user manuals need to be clear and accurate. Case studies and marketing collateral need a slightly different approach. A marketing communications translation specialist will be able to take your content and turn it into compelling copy for your target market. Finding an all-inclusive technology translation service provider is key to your success in the global marketplace.


Technology in translation

At Planet Languages, we use state-of-the-art translation technology to help your business grow. Our sophisticated terminology management tools allow us to compile specialist glossaries of technical terms, while our custom workflows make handling high-volume content and product family differences painless. Our technology translation team is made up of tech-savvy native speakers who will make sure that your innovative solutions impress in every market.


Technology translation team

Planet Languages’ eagle-eyed technology translation team are well versed in technical terminology, with an in-depth understanding of the industry and the markets you operate in. Our sophisticated terminology management tools allow us to compile specialist glossaries of key technical terms, while our secure translation memory system makes handling regular datasheet and whitepaper updates painless. Wherever you conduct international business, with our ISO 9001-certified quality-first approach and robust ISO 27001-certified information security management system, Planet Languages has your technical translation needs covered.

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