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The environment matters to us all. Creating a sustainable future is vital to the global community. Companies are creating innovative solutions to provide energy without further depleting the planet’s natural resources. And governments are trying to find ways to mitigate the damage already done. Translation plays a key role in communicating the pressing need to reduce our footprint to all four corners of the globe.

Whether your focus is on environmental sciences preserving biodiversity, tackling climate change, developing green and renewable energies, sustainability or corporate responsibility, your communications and marketing need to be understood in every country in which you operate.


Effective Communication

The environment encompasses a broad range of disciplines. As such, your written material is likely to be equally varied. Patent applications, environmental policies, company mission statements, public awareness campaigns and technical specifications all fall within this field, yet all require a different approach. Whether your content is aimed at scientists or the general public, when it comes to translation, you need a specialist team that truly understands this rapidly evolving sector.


People and Planet

At Planet Languages, sustainability underpins everything we do. Our respect for the world around us has been at the heart of our business for 25 years. Our certification to the ISO 14001 environmental management systems standard demonstrates our commitment to continually evaluating and reducing our environmental impact, while our ISO 27001- and ISO 9001-certified processes mean your content is always safe and secure.

Our environment translation team is made up of accomplished linguists with expertise in the energy, environmental and green technology sectors.

Our top-flight project management team keeps your projects on track across multiple territories, making sure deadlines are met and standards maintained.

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