Translating Legal Documents

Any legal content you produce will fall under the jurisdictions and legal frameworks of the countries in which it applies. This fact means accurately translating legal documents is critical and only expert translators should be entrusted with the task.
On top of this, contracts and legal documents are generally under time constraint – so speed is also of the essence.

As with all translation, the process takes original source content and renders its meaning into another language. But legal translators also need an understanding of the legal processes, terminology and systems in the country the document is destined for. Distinct legal phrases have generally evolved in each country, along with their legal systems, so a direct translation of a phrase may not cut it in terms of precise legal interpretation.

Precise Legal Translation

Patent translation and intellectual property translation (IP translation) require exact rendition in multiple countries and languages to protect a product or idea. But many companies trade internationally these days and a legal contract will be the minimum starting point in each new territory. Get these documents wrong and it could cost you money, time and reputation.

Legal translation team

Planet Languages has a team of professional translators with many years of experience and legal expertise, who will translate your documents translated quickly and accurately, so you can rest assured that your business transactions and assets are protected.


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Legal Translation Services