Fast, secure and real-time access to translation projects

Our server-based translation environment allows our teams to access their projects at any time from all over the world. This facilitates the work of our project managers, translators, revisers and our clients’ in-country reviewers, who always have access to the latest developments in the project, increasing their productivity and accelerating the translation process.

Our translation environment is designed to function either as a desktop application or web-based platform. Using the latter has proven to significantly boost the productivity of the team, who can, at any point, switch devices in order to easily continue working on the translations.

Essential functionalities and benefits of our server-based translation environment:
Collaborative workspace
Integrated translation memories
Integrated terminology databases
Multiple file format support
Share and update content in real time
Automatic quality assurance tools
In-context preview
Monitoring and reporting features
Additional benefits are brought by the use of the web-based side of the environment:
No installation necessary
Cross-platform compatibility (work on your PC, Mac or even mobile devices)
Ease of access
Enhanced collaboration

Does your content require in-country approval before publication? We’ve got you covered! Our translation environment fully integrates with our content review platform for a seamless automatic review workflow.