Tired of terminology inconsistencies within your corporate literature?

Need to standardise your brand language but don’t know where to start? We use sophisticated terminology management tools and your own approved translations to create and maintain custom-built glossaries that can be accessed by key stakeholders via a web browser to ensure consistent, on-brand communication.

If you are thinking about translating your documents or website for the very first time, we can help by setting up a brand-new glossary for you. We can extract and translate a list of your specified key terms for approval by your in-country offices, thus minimising their workload for subsequent translation projects.

Effective maintenance and management of a client-specific glossary will really pay dividends in ensuring that future messages you deliver to your key markets are consistent across all the various communication channels that you employ (printed corporate literature, press releases, websites, blogs, social media, etc.).

Please get in touch to find out more about the glossaries we have created, to see whether we can apply a similar approach to creating your own client-specific glossary.

Of course, we can prepare a glossary based on the content we translate for you. The details in glossaries can range from a simple source term/phrase and target term/phrase glossary to a glossary that contains details such as definitions, synonyms, who approved the content and when, product images, notes on when the term should be used etc.
Our translation environment integrates with glossaries and allows us to perform Quality Assurance checks to ensure that the terms in the translation are in accordance with your approved terminology.
Planet Languages works with server-based glossaries and web-based platforms that allow you to access your glossaries at any time. Your dedicated glossaries containing approved terminology can also integrate with a variety of applications so that you always have your approved terminology at your fingertips. The access to glossaries is granted using various rights. For example, we always advise providing your stakeholders with read-only access, as editing rights should ideally only be granted to experienced language professionals who can ensure that any changes applied to the glossary fully comply with your requirements and are consistent with previously approved content.