Corporate Publishing Translation Services

The corporate publishing world has changed massively in recent years, growing ever more global in search of its audience. There’s no doubt that digital content has disrupted the sector, but it has also brought with it opportunity. Just as paper books have enjoyed continued popularity despite their forecast demise when e-readers arrived, magazines, catalogues, brochures, reports, and other paper-based publications have adapted and thrived in a digital world.

Corporate publishing translation has been key to this survival in a global market. Your audience and readership segments may still be specialist in nature, but they are no longer confined to geographical boundaries. A magazine about interior design or cars can find a relevant and engaged audience just as easily in Germany, Italy or Australia.

Getting the magazine translation right, however, takes more than simply translating the words on the page into another language. Typography, page layout and design also need to be taken into account, especially considering that translating from one language to another can affect the volume of words by as much as 30% in either direction. The same challenges apply to brochure translation, catalogue translation, annual report translation – indeed, any media translation needs an expert team.


Corporate Publishing Translations Team

The Planet Languages’ publishing translation team are just such experts. All native speakers and used to working with large volumes where meaning, design and layout need equal consideration. With Planet Languages’ end-to-end approach, we ensure your translation is fit for publication and ready to go.


Multilingual DTP

If you want the translated content to look as good as it sounds, our multilingual DTP specialists can adapt your original layout to cater to the specificities of each language and prepare publication-ready files for each of your target markets.


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What our clients say

"I have worked with Planet Languages now for almost 18 years and it has always been a great pleasure. Their professional pro-active and in-depth approach to projects has enabled us to meet our communication goals on a global scale."

Global Head of Account Management, Corporate Creative Services

November 2020

"Thank you so much for the translation. I have checked it and can gladly say that it requires no changes at all. Big applause for your team of translators."

Visual Merchandising Trainer, EMEA

June 2020

"Thanks very much for your help – it’s a pleasure to work with you. You are speedy and efficient, delivering quality translations."

Marketing & Communications Director, EMEA

May 2020