Software Localization Services

Planet Languages makes managing multilingual content easy by seamlessly integrating your systems with industry-leading translation and localization technologies. You chose your platforms because of the capabilities and advantages they offer – now allow us to extend these benefits to multiple languages.


Website Localization

At Planet Languages, we offer high-quality website localization services. We translate your website to the local language and also ensure that the translation is culturally suitable for your target audience, thus achieving maximum impact and brand awareness in the local market.

The state-of-the-art technology and specialised tools we use during the localization process ensure that all tags and non-translatable content are not altered in any way and only translatable text gets translated. You can therefore be assured that all your tags remain exactly as they were in the source files provided, preserving the integrity and structure of your files and, ultimately, website.

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App Localization Services

With the growth of mobile usage, it has become important for businesses to leverage this avenue to maximise their presence in front of potential users. One of the ways to maximise your application’s potential for download and engagement is to localize your mobile app so that you provide a more personal experience to your users from different parts of the world.

Trust Planet Languages with your mobile app localization. We will translate your content (taking into account the context, local culture, currency and measurement differences, etc.), while ensuring that your original layout, intent and UX of your application remain intact.

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Software Localization

Software localization is the process of adapting software or user-facing technical documentation to a local language. Software localization will ensure that your product will have the same look and feel in every target language you choose to have your content translated in, as well as being linguistically and technically accurate.

Planet Languages works with highly trained translators and editors and we boost our expert linguists’ capabilities by using the best translation and localization software to ensure a smooth localization process completed to the highest standards.

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Enjoy full control over your multilingual content directly within your chosen platform

Launching a website or an app includes plenty of processes and tools without even taking the localization aspect into account. Besides integrating with various CMS platforms, we also have extensive experience with software translation management platforms, such as Phrase (also known as PhraseApp), where our clients manage their web and app projects and therefore can easily integrate the localization side within their workflows.

File formats we regularly work with: include .strings, .xml, .rrc, .properties, .yml, .resw, .resx, .po, .xlf, .xliff, .json.


Looking for web, app or software localization services?

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Benefits of localizing with Planet Languages
Automated content extraction with FTP folder watch or through a file-sharing solution (such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive), with the option of only picking up the new content from the folder for translation
Expertise in exporting XLIFF files, translating and importing them back into the relevant content management platform and thus reducing the IT team’s involvement in the project
Fully automated translation workflow with a variety of Content Management Systems
Eliminate the need for time-consuming and error-prone copying and pasting
Extensive experience with all file formats
The short answer is yes. We have extensive experience with website localization and can work with your preferred CMS and file formats, helping you eliminate any time-consuming and error-prone copy/pasting effort. To discuss the most cost-effective way to approach your project, please speak to your dedicated Project Manager or contact us via the website and we will get back to you.
Yes. We work with all possible file formats for Android, iOS or Windows and deliver the content to you ready for import back into your environment.
File formats we regularly work with include .strings, .xml, .rrc, .properties, .yml, .resw, .resx, .po, .xlf, .xliff, .json, .php etc.
Yes, we can. Specialist software is used to only extract the translatable content, leaving all tags and non-translatables intact. Ultimately what you receive back contains the translated text, with all other tags and non-translatables appearing exactly as they appeared in the source files we received from you.
Definitely. We consider quality assurance (QA) checks an essential part of the localization process and can certainly help you ensure that your content looks as it should, both from a technical and a linguistic perspective.