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The global consumer market is growing at an exponential rate. Around the globe, more and more people are finding themselves with money to spend on a huge range of goods and services. Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers in consumer goods are capitalising on this explosion, but only those who pay attention to detail have enduring success.

Getting your consumer goods translation right is key. Localising everything from product descriptions to packaging, advertising and promotional content, websites and point-of-sale material takes a professional consumer translation service provider who understands the words as well as the meaning behind them.


Terminology and Layout in Consumer Translation

Understanding consumer terminology and how it translates across national and cultural borders is a key requirement to being successful in a global consumer market. The world of global e-commerce throws up many communication challenges. One factor to take into consideration is the layout for translated copy. Text can expand or shrink significantly when translated from one language to another. And with smartphones, with their relatively small screens, now outpacing other device usage, consumer brands with a mobile-first mindset need a translation company that understands the challenges this presents for the localisation process.


Consumer Brand Translation

Your international brand is important to your success but getting that tagline right in another language can be tricky: remember KFC’s famous “finger lickin’ good” tagline, which translated directly as “eat your fingers off” in China? A brand name translation needs careful consideration, otherwise it could end up as something completely inconsistent, or worse, nonsensical. Take Coca Cola, for example, whose brand name was translated into Chinese as “bite the wax tadpole”.
Using a translation company that uses native speakers is imperative for these reasons. Language is just a starting point. Understanding culture, dialects and idioms is just as key.

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