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To reach a global audience with your software, you will need to localize it for each country or market you are targeting. Software translation or software localization is of paramount importance to your success, though with factors such as meeting legal requirements in each locale and protecting your source code, this can seem like a daunting task.

From user licence agreements to software manuals or user guides right through to your user interface, your translation needs to be on point. In a global online world, engendering trust in your end user is your starting point. If your app or software is translated badly, there is probably another solution just a click away for the user, and you will lose them without even realising why.

It is tempting to use machine translation as a quick, cheap option. While that could be appropriate for simple words or phrases, machine translation will struggle with zero-context software strings and will always fall short when it comes to creative and emotive marketing messages. Just getting the words right is just the start. Ensuring your solutions are suitable in different locales is vital. Consider content designed to be read on a smartphone screen, for example. An English to German translation will see that text expand by as much as 35%, while translating the same copy from English to Arabic will see it shrink by as much as a quarter. Understanding these nuances will ensure your development time is as efficient as it can be, without costly delays creeping in on rollout.


Specialist Translations & Localization Team

When you want to deliver a seamless user experience in multiple languages, the Planet Languages software translation team will help you every step of the way. Our linguists are experts in software and app development with years of app localization experience and only ever translate into their mother tongue. In the fast-paced world of software development, where launching your product ahead of your competitors is critical to your success, we ensure that your content is translated swiftly and consistently with state-of-the-art translation technologies that integrate flawlessly with your systems.


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What our clients say

"I have worked with Planet Languages now for almost 18 years and it has always been a great pleasure. Their professional pro-active and in-depth approach to projects has enabled us to meet our communication goals on a global scale."

Global Head of Account Management, Corporate Creative Services

November 2020

"Thank you so much for the translation. I have checked it and can gladly say that it requires no changes at all. Big applause for your team of translators."

Visual Merchandising Trainer, EMEA

June 2020

"Thanks very much for your help – it’s a pleasure to work with you. You are speedy and efficient, delivering quality translations."

Marketing & Communications Director, EMEA

May 2020