Optimising content does not stop with the source text

There are various factors that are essential in the optimisation of multilingual content, including maintaining consistency with previously translated and approved content, while adhering to guidelines on style, brand, and terminology. At Planet Languages we use, as part of our solutions, both translation memory and terminology management to ensure maximum quality, consistency and accuracy for your content.

Server-based Translation Memory and Terminology Databases
Secure web-based platform replaces traditional local resources
Unified resources for teams, including linguists and client reviewers
Read-only or full editing rights based on your stakeholders' roles
Complete integration of terminology with your chosen applications
Organisation-wide deployment
Simultaneous use of unified terminology for all stakeholders
Benefits of server-based Translation Memories
Boost the quality and accuracy of your content
Maintain consistency across different business units
Increase transparency with real-time access to TM updates
Considerably reduce translation costs
Reach your markets faster
Improve process flexibility through use of unified resources
Benefits of server-based Termbases
Centralise terminology management
Maintain brand voice consistency
Achieve maximum quality and accuracy
Access terminology instantly
Reduce spend
Increase customer engagement