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Our head office is located in the market town of Farnham in Surrey, an hour away from bustling and vibrant London. With its stunning scenery, excellent transport links and proximity to major studios, our hometown has featured in many Hollywood blockbusters. Our long-established connection with cinema makes us the perfect partner for localizing your video content.

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What makes our subtitling services different? 


The media localization landscape has changed radically in recent years. In an industry beset by little regulation and providers that promise the world and deliver very little, it can be hard to know who to turn to for your subtitle translation needs.


So, what makes us different? At Planet Languages, we care about continuity. Our focus is on delivering a consistently high-quality service with the personal touch. We see every individual customer as our partner, which means we care as much about getting your translated subtitles right as you do. That’s why our clients keep coming back to us year after year for their translation and subtitling needs. 


Surrey based


When you contact Planet Languages, you’ll be speaking with one of our Surrey-based project managers. This means that if you’re based in the UK or Europe, you’ll always receive a swift response to your enquiries. And while we work with only the very best subtitle translators (wherever in the world they may be based), your dedicated point of contact at Planet Languages shares the same time zone as you and is only ever a phone call away.


All-inclusive rates


If you’re new to video content localization and unsure what you need, you can quickly find yourself with translated material that you can’t use and facing unforeseen extra costs, missed deadlines and a hefty final invoice. 


When you work with us, we’ll take the time to understand your precise requirements. Our project managers are familiar with the complexities of subtitling projects. They will be able to explain the possible options to you so that you are fully informed and get exactly the service you need.


Once we have gained a complete picture of your requirements, we will provide you with a binding quote. You can rest assured that once you accept our quote, we will never charge more than the quoted price. 


Consistently high quality


Subtitling involves so much more than simply translating what you hear in the video. Translated subtitles are not simply word-for-word translations of the original audio.


Subtitles typically consist of one or two lines at the bottom of the screen with a maximum per-line character limit. These spatial constraints are to ensure that the subtitles do not take attention away from the action on screen. When crafting subtitles, subtitling professionals work with specialist subtitle authoring tools to create precisely time-coded subtitles that are in sync with the audio and also take into consideration reading speeds, line breaks, screen positioning and shot changes.


It takes an exceptional translator to accurately convey the meaning of the words spoken in a concise, easy-to-read caption. Translators often undertake extensive additional training before moving into the highly specialised field of audiovisual translation. We only work with the very best, and this is reflected in the quality of the subtitles we provide. Every subtitle translation project undergoes in-house QA checks before it is signed off for delivery to you.


Exemplary customer service


Subtitling projects can be fraught with pitfalls. That’s why we always take the time to discuss what you want to achieve and get a full understanding of your project brief. We will then tailor our workflow to your precise requirements and choose the best team of audiovisual translators for the work.


Our clients appreciate our expert guidance, our responsiveness and our integrity. This personal approach sets us apart from our competitors. Contact us to find out why our subtitle translation services are consistently rated as excellent by our long-standing clients.


Translation in 80+ languages


We work with an extensive network of experienced subtitling professionals and cover more than 80 different languages. If you’d like to make your video content accessible to a global audience, we’re sure to be able to help you.

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We offer subtitling translation for the following industries (amongst others) 


With video becoming such a popular marketing tool, subtitling is no longer confined to the broadcasting industry. Planet Languages helps clients in a variety of industries to make their video content accessible to international audiences.


Marketing agencies


If you work at a marketing agency, you’ll know the potential that video has to transform brand storytelling from good to great. Video combines music, narration, movement and visuals to engage people on a far deeper level than text alone. When your videos are hosted on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which automatically mute videos, adding captions helps to get your message across even without sound. 


We help marketing agencies make their content accessible to an international audience with pitch-perfect translated subtitles. And if you want your videos to be truly on brand, we can also help with customising the appearance of subtitles to reflect your corporate branding.


eLearning course providers


Learning and development professionals understand the importance of video when it comes to designing educational materials. Video weaves together pictures and words to promote greater information recall, and appeals to people with visual and auditory learning styles. 


Adding subtitles to video tutorials offers many benefits for learners. Well-presented subtitles can help reduce the likelihood of concentration fatigue and support those with learning difficulties. Studies also show that subtitles help improve literacy and facilitate foreign-language learning. We help eLearning course providers boost learner engagement with translated subtitles that really are best in class.


HR professionals


Today’s HR professionals are making the most of video as a flexible way of onboarding new employees and showcasing company culture. We help HR professionals in international businesses meet their diversity and inclusion goals by making their videos accessible with subtitles in their employees’ native languages.


Not sure if subtitling is the right option for you? Want to find out more about our other audiovisual translation services? Contact us today and our experienced project managers will be happy to help.

Looking for subtitle translation services?

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Translators work with the written word, translating text-based file formats from one language into another. Translation subtitling is a lot more than just a word-for-word translation of a script. We use a team of dedicated subtitling specialists for all translation subtitling work. They use professional subtitling software to create precisely time-coded subtitles that are in sync with the audio and that take into consideration factors such as reading speeds, line breaks, number of lines, character limits and position on screen.
If you want your subtitles to be “permanently” part of the video, this is known as “burning in”. You might also hear this being referred to as “open captions” – subtitles that cannot be turned off. This option is ideal if you wish to publish your video on social media platforms. The appearance of burnt-in subtitles can also be customised. Closed captions are subtitles that can be turned on and off.
We can work with a variety of video files, including .mp4, .mpg, .avi and .wmv files.
We can provide subtitles in many different formats, with SRT being one of the most common file formats.
If you already have a transcript or script for your video, please do share it with us for our reference. A time-coded transcript will be accurate to the nearest second. This isn’t precise enough when it comes to subtitles. Creating subtitles involves a process called spotting, or cueing. This means capturing when a caption should appear on screen and when it should disappear – in sync with the audio – with frame-accurate or millisecond-accurate timings. In our experience, clients often find it very difficult to create their own subtitles based on audio transcripts, as these do not take into account constraints such as reading speeds, line breaks and per-line character limits.
There are a few options for handling on-screen text. Any unspoken on-screen text could be included as part of the subtitles, if this does not interrupt flow of the audio or narration. Alternatively, if you can provide us with the original project files used to create the animations or videos (these might be Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects or Avid files), we can localize the video to include translations of any on-screen text.
Subtitling rates are based on the duration of the video and are quoted in minutes. A minimum charge may apply for videos of very short durations.