Multilingual copywriting

Sometimes in life, what you say isn’t as important as how you say it. This is especially the case when communicating with current or potential customers. As consumers, we expect to be able to access content written in our own language, be it marketing copy or informational text. If we can tell that something has been translated or was written with someone else in mind, it damages our trust in a business, along with any potential of a purchase.

Good copywriting builds this trust. A step beyond the creative and fluid approach of transcreation, multilingual copywriting describes the process of creating content especially for a particular language and target market. You’ve only got one chance to get it right, and Planet Languages will always ensure that your copy is engaging, effective and accurate. Quality copy suggests a quality business.

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What is multilingual copywriting?

Rather than using a source text to create content, multilingual copywriting means creating text that is tailor-made for each local audience. A copywriting brief will ensure that your writers are getting the right message across, while the from-scratch nature of the process promotes creativity and cultural awareness.

There are a great number of rewards to be reaped from using a multilingual copywriting service. You can save a significant amount of time, as you don’t have to worry about generating text to be translated. Along with helping to build rapport with your customers, multilingual copywriting helps them to see your content in the first place – writing with keywords in mind rather than a source text can greatly improve your SEO standing and therefore your online visibility.

What are the 6 core copywriting skills?

Planet Languages works exclusively with professional copywriters who are experts in their field and talented in their craft. Along with being native speakers of the language in question, there are a few other criteria we keep in mind when choosing copywriters for your project:

  • Do they show creativity and flair for writing? Can they tell a convincing story? Nobody wants to read robotic or monotonous content. A good copywriter creates “word art” that reflects the voice of your company when writing, so that when a potential customer comes across it, they immediately get a feel for your business’ personality.
  • Are they experts in the relevant field? There must be many strings to a copywriter’s bow. We work with professionals with extensive knowledge of the relevant industry.
  • Do they know the form? As we mentioned earlier, there are many different forms that copy can take, and they each have their own demands. For example, writing website content requires different skills to a technical information leaflet, so your copywriter should know which skills to use and when.
  • Do they have extensive knowledge of the target market? An effective copywriter knows how to write a headline or opening that grabs the attention of the right person, along with the SEO keywords that help them to get there in the first place. Good copywriters know exactly who they’re speaking to and how best to communicate with them.
  • Do they have research skills? Copywriters might not immediately be familiar with your niche, brand or products. They should, however, have the research skills and the motivation to understand and convey the right information.
  • Are they a chameleon? A good copywriter incorporates a voice or personality into their writing. The important bit is that it’s not their voice they write with – it’s yours.

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What makes our copywriting translation services different?

At Planet Languages, we have a few golden rules. We pride ourselves on all-inclusive rates, exemplary customer service and consistently excellent quality.

All-inclusive rates

All-inclusive rates mean that we will never exceed the quoted price unless we’ve already agreed to fundamentally change the project brief. When we give our clients a quote, the rates include standard proofreading and full project management. No nasty surprises, rush fees or hidden costs. Integrity is a key pillar of our practices.

Consistently high quality

Consistency is another of our golden rules. When buying a multilingual service, be it translation, copywriting or anything else, there should be no risk or question about the quality of the product you receive. Our clients put their trust in us to communicate with their customers, often in a language they don’t speak themselves.

This means that Planet Languages is always focused on using the best possible language professionals available, so that our clients can relax knowing they will receive well-written, compelling copy every time. If you’re happy with the service you receive, we will ensure that the same copywriters are kept on for your projects, to make sure feedback is always taken on board and that your brand voice is always consistent.

Exemplary customer service

Our team of highly experienced, multilingual project managers take the time to understand your project brief, and to choose the right team of copywriters and proofreaders for your needs. We endeavour to reply to all queries in under an hour and are reachable by phone within business hours at +44 (0)1252 713 444.

We treat every single one of our clients with care and with trust, and every member of our team is committed to upholding these standards, with honesty and transparency in everything we do. Trust in our consistency and our integrity is the key to a meaningful and lasting client relationship. We try our best to keep earning this trust with every project, regardless of size.

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Our multilingual copywriting services

Desktop publishing services (DTP) and typesetting

Step one is getting your beautifully written copy. Step two is making sure it looks beautiful on the page. Desktop publishing, which might also be referred to as DTP or typesetting, describes the process of arranging a text into a certain layout to be published either digitally or in print form.

You can save time and money by using the same provider for both processes, and at Planet Languages we use specialist foreign-language typesetters who can make sure that any text expansions or contractions are handled correctly, so that your copy always fits perfectly.

Proofreading services

A small typo can ruin an otherwise well-written text. When your copy is destined for publication as a representation of your business, we recommend adding a separate proofreading stage to make sure that your text is perfectly polished.

If you’ve already got something written and would like us to check it, get in touch at or at +44 (0)1252 713 444 to discuss proofreading and editing options.

Technical authoring

When we talk about copywriting, one of the main things we think of is marketing copy. However, copywriting can include a myriad of topics and purposes, which is why we select copywriters, translators and proofreaders who are experts in their field.

Technical copywriting, or technical authoring, means not just selling your products, but explaining them too. A good technical copywriter can explain your product, simplifying it or using the industry jargon depending on your target audience. They can explain and communicate the features you worked so hard to develop – after all, your product is easier to sell if people know how to use it!

Transcreation services and adaptation

You might be thinking that multilingual copywriting sounds awfully similar to transcreation, the creative cousin of translation. While translation, transcreation and copywriting are closely related, they aren’t identical. Translation, transcreation and adaptation depend on an “original” version (what we refer to as a source text) to varying degrees. Some aspects of your marketing campaign might be well suited to translation, some might need a more creative transcreation approach and some content is best handled by a copywriter, to be tailor-made for your local audience.

If you’re unsure which you need, or think you may need a combination, that’s possible. Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss the best way forward.

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How much do copywriting services cost?

While translation is calculated on the word, copywriting costs are calculated using hourly rates. We consider the language, subject matter and required deliverables to create a binding cost estimate ahead of any work commencing.


Our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence is underpinned by certifications to the international ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard and the ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services standard.

This will very much depend on your project requirements. We can be very flexible and tailor our workflow to suit your budget and deadlines. Please contact us to discuss further.
The simple maxim with copywriting is the better the brief, the better the end result. A full creative brief, available visuals, company style guide and tone of voice and any other information you consider relevant are going to help our copywriters tailor the message to your brand.
Copywriting costs are calculated based on hourly rates. Our quotes take into consideration the language, subject matter and required deliverables and a binding cost estimate will always be provided ahead of any work commencing.