5 Reasons why Professional Translation is Important for Business

A professional translation can be beneficial for your business, yet the importance of the translation process is often overlooked or underestimated. Many think that it’s too expensive, or that it won’t help unless you’re a massive international corporation. There are many reasons why this isn’t necessarily the truth. Consider the following points to find out how professional translation services can help to grow your business.

1. Open new doors

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of making your business accessible to speakers of other languages is that it opens the door to lots of potential new customers. If you translate your website, your marketing content and your social media posts, this will allow you to reach an audience that may not have been previously reachable. Thanks to the internet, consumers can, and do, shop almost anywhere in the world. That’s why it’s necessary to grab their attention with a website that allows them to browse in the language they feel most comfortable in.

Even if you’re a small business, there’s no reason why you can’t reach people from all over the world! If consumers find your website easy to navigate, they’re likely to spend longer on it, rather than surfing to competitors’ websites. Furthermore, if consumers can read your website in their native language, they’re much more likely to trust your business enough to part with their hard-earned cash. However, a website translation that has clearly been done by a machine will undoubtedly have the opposite effect.

2. Improve your website’s SEO

If your website has been translated into other languages, this can improve how well it performs in Google searches. Think about it: if you run more than one race, you’re more likely to get a medal. The same thing could apply here – the number of English-language websites that yours might be competing against could be seriously high. What about German, Chinese or Russian competitors? It’s likely to be a lower number.

Moreover, having a website with more webpages will create more backlinks, which also helps with search engine optimization. If your translator is knowledgeable about digital marketing and search engine optimization, and can translate your website, it’s more likely to be visible on Google.

3. Fake it ’til you make it!

The success of a business can hinge on the image it puts out to the rest of the world. That’s why translation services can really help – translating your website and other forms of business communication will show the rest of the world that you’re a serious, credible business that is serious about expanding internationally and has the cultural knowledge to do so. The world is going in one direction: global. Therefore, it’s important to let people know that you are professional, international and sensitive to other cultures. If the translation is done well, an international image will add credibility to your brand, giving you that competitive edge.

Once you have talked the talk, you might want to walk the walk. Expanding into international markets will often mean international business partners. If business thrives on image, it also thrives on communication. If your business communication is translated, it pays to show your new or potential business partners that you mean business, by communicating smoothly and effectively.

4. Improved customer loyalty

Having the potential to reach other markets is one thing but building consumer relationships is another. If your marketing campaign is in someone’s native language, it’s much more likely to resonate with them and appeal to their emotions. If the customer has a good experience, they’re more likely to be loyal to your business. Whichever sector your business is in, it’s likely to exist in some sort of diverse community. Translating your website might not just mean reaching out to customers all over world, but reaching out to those just around the corner, too. Translating or localizing your website comes across as a sign of respect. It says that you value these customers enough to want to speak to them in their own language.

5. Translation professionals can add extra value to your business

Translation services are great and can really help you, but it doesn’t stop there. Your translation provider cares about your content as much as you do. Translation professionals are perfectionists by nature. Ask them what extra services they provide to support your business and your marketing efforts. Many agencies will provide proofreading and revision services, along with typesetting and copywriting services to help your business really stand out. These services will go hand in hand with any translation work they do for you. What’s more, translation professionals will be very knowledgeable about the industries in which they work. If your translation provider can do these jobs for you, it will free up you and your team to continue with the day-to-day tasks of running a successful and prospering business.


Although intelligent, well-crafted, professional translation can be an expense, you should see it as more of an investment. Since the pandemic started, the online world has grown immeasurably, and you could make the most of this by translating your website. It gives your business added credibility as a professional and international business. It allows you to reach more customers and convince them to keep coming back. What’s more, your translators can help add value to your business with complementary services.

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