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Translation Memory Management

Nearly every translation company will tell you that they use translation memory. But just owning a fast car does not make someone a good driver. Getting the most out of a translation memory tool requires knowledge, skill and paying great attention to detail.

We have our own in-house, qualified and experienced translation memory specialists to ensure that individual client glossaries and translation memories are carefully built and maintained, so that our clients get the best possible advantage from the relevant translation tools.

Using TM tools allows us to store client-approved translations of specific terms or phrases in a linguistic database. During subsequent translations this archive is searched for identical matches, which are then used as the basis for new translations. The greatest benefit to our clients is increased consistency. Also, since the translator wastes no time in looking up previously translated terms, the translation process can be significantly faster.

We own several licences of the leading TM packages, and can successfully use these tools to achieve cost savings, increased consistency and faster translation turnaround times for our clients.

Using TM effectively is not always possible for every project. Once we have gained a clear understanding of your requirements, we will be able to determine whether we can successfully apply TM to your specific project.