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Translation Subtitling

Subtitlers work hard to ensure their translation is edited to retain the meaning and the tone of the original piece, while respecting the strict limitations of the subtitle format.

Many people incorrectly assume that subtitles are just a word for word translation of a script, however this is rarely the case. For example, where someone is speaking quickly, there simply wouldn’t be a) enough space to include all of the spoken text and b) there wouldn’t be enough time for the reader to read all the text before the frame moved on to the next picture sequence. Translation subtitles need to therefore be created using the sound and picture of the original material. To successfully convey an easily-readable message through subtitling requires technical skill and linguistic ability.

Reading speeds, screen positioning and shot changes are all assessed by translation subtitlers using professional subtitling software, which also allows them to accurately time-code their captions as they translate them.

If you require a quotation for translation subtitling, we need to know the expected duration of your video, which languages you require to have subtitled, how you plan to send us your video, and the format you require your final subtitled files to be supplied in.