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Other Services

Here are some of the other services that we offer:

Planet Languages offer our clients professional transcriptions of audio and video files. We are experienced in transcribing information from CD, DVD, MP3, MP4, AVI, mpeg or wav files. Our team of foreign language transcription professionals are experienced in many subject fields including: marketing, publishing, luxury brands, advertising, etc.

Transcription rates are calculated on a per minute basis of audio recording. Generally, it takes one hour to transcribe every 15 minutes of audio, which also allows us enough time to ensure that each phrase or paragraph is attributed to the correct person.

Glossary Creation
Glossary Creation
Are you tired of terminology inconsistencies within your corporate literature? Do you need to standardise your key terminology, but don’t know where to start?

We use sophisticated terminology management tools for the creation and maintenance of client-specific glossaries. We can use your own approved translations to create glossaries that will then serve as your definitive reference tools for all future translation work.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking about translating your documents or website for the very first time, we can help by setting up a brand new glossary for you. We can extract and translate a list of your specified key terms for approval by your in-country offices, thus minimising their workload for subsequent translation projects.

Effective maintenance and management of a client-specific glossary will really pay dividends in ensuring that future messages you deliver to your key markets are consistent across all the various communication channels that you employ (printed corporate literature, press releases, websites, blogs, social media, etc.).

Please get in touch to find out more about the glossaries we have created, to see whether we can apply a similar approach to creating your own client-specific glossary.

Good copywriting combines creative flair with excellent writing skills. The aim of copywriting is to create “word art” in order to achieve maximum impact, often using the minimum number of words!

Good copy is compelling. If you need to promote a new product or service, you usually have only one opportunity to convey your message really well. We can create compelling copy for brochures, press releases, advertising copy, websites and search engine optimisation.

In the same way that a translation needs to be relevant and consistent across different nations and cultures, creating effective copy to audiences in a foreign language while retaining your brand’s identity and values is critical.

Unlike a translation, which sticks much closer to the meaning of the original source text, a skilled copywriter can refer to the original text and then deviate from the original words to produce a text which works better for the intended audience – perhaps more culturally relevant, punchier, more engaging, while retaining the essential meaning of the original text.

“Voiceover” refers to either (i) re-voicing an off-screen narrator, e.g. a wildlife documentary or, (ii) reducing the volume, known as “dipping” the voice of the person speaking on screen, then laying the new foreign language voice on top. In this case, the voiceover starts and stops at the same time as the original speaker (phrase-sync dubbing*). This approach is commonly used in factual programmes.

After assessing the style, level of formality, and the type of voice you have selected in your video, we search our library of voices, in order to cast the most suitable foreign language voices. We compile a selection of sample voices for you to decide which ones you prefer. Once we have created a transcription of the spoken text, it is translated into your required foreign language(s), and we then are ready to start recording, using your preferred foreign language voice.

To help us prepare a voiceover quotation, in addition to your deadline we need to know the expected duration of your content, the languages needed, the country of intended use and platform requirements of the final voiceover files.

* phrase-sync dubbing, is similar to lip-sync, except with phrase-sync the new voice over is not matched to the exact lip movement of the speaker, but rather, matched phrase by phrase

Design & Branding
Design & Branding

There’s more to branding than your logo, so it’s important to see the bigger picture.

Your visual identity says so much about your business; we can make sure it expresses your personality through colour, typography, design and imagery.

We combine strategic thinking with creative flair to create brand identities, design, corporate and marketing communications and digital solutions that inspire and engage your audiences.

We work closely with you to define your brief and develop creative solutions that deliver measurable results. We pride ourselves on our creativity and service, providing the highest quality design, on time and within budget.

We are equally at ease building your brand or corporate communications from the ground up, or producing work that complements your existing material.

So if you want to create a new brand from scratch, refresh an existing brand or improve your marketing communications, please get in touch.

The 4-D Process

Working collaboratively to understand you, your business and your aspirations to define the challenge.

Based on research and insight we will develop an intelligent, beautifully crafted visual brand identity. Core brand elements will include logo design, visual identity and brand language, all seamlessly aligned to your brand and business strategy.

Develop a tailored solution and implement the strategies and visual interpretation that can be applied across all visual touchpoints and marketing activities.

Deliver a brand identity fit for future growth, both online and offline, that exceeds expectations and will maximise your investment. Produce master artworks and templates, guidelines and ongoing brand management.