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As a client once famously told us, “Our approved texts have been checked by tens of different people in different departments and are sent to you as signed off and ready for translation, but you still manage to rip them apart and make them better”.

You can trust our experienced editors to concentrate on the following areas:

  • Linguistic accuracy – checking your text for spelling, grammar and punctuation correctness
  • Suitability for intended audience – has the language been pitched at the correct level? Are there any terms or abbreviations that need explanation? What are the chances of the text or images being negatively received, or causing offence in your designated target market?
  • Content structure – is anything missing or not applicable? Does the text appear in a logical order? Could the content be easier to read if the text was split into more paragraphs?
  • Consistency – a list of decisions, and/or style guide, including alternative spellings and hyphenation has to be maintained for each large project. Illustrations and tables should agree with the text and captions, as should chapter headings and running heads with the table of contents
  • Accuracy – all names of people, places and products should be checked. Information such as facts, dates, etc. need to be checked and agreed with the client

Common mistakes that we often find and need to address include:

  • overuse of exclamation marks and emphasis, in italics, bold or capitals
  • very long sentences with minimal punctuation
  • overly long paragraphs
  • changing between the first and the third person for no specific reason
  • changing between different tenses for no specific reason