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Why Planet Languages?

As a buyer of translation services, selecting a supplier you can really trust is one of the hardest decisions you will make. It has become increasingly easy nowadays for any company to promote themselves and look amazingly professional with the help of a good-looking website. Unfortunately, as with so many things, just because something looks good, it doesn’t always mean that it will meet your expectations.

Selecting a valued and trusted supplier has become harder, because there are so many translation companies saying similar things about quality and customer service, and so the challenge is to find a supplier that will work alongside you as a real partner; a company that understands your objectives and makes them their own.

The time, effort and considerable capabilities required to skilfully manage all the defined processes to fulfil a complex project to the very highest standard is not something that all translation companies can successfully manage.

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So, why use Planet Languages in preference to another translation service provider? Well, apart from our years of proven experience and the trust that we will work hard to earn from you, we also offer you:

  • all-inclusive, competitive rates with no hidden extras
  • access to our hand-picked, proven global translation teams
  • one of the best-trained project management teams in the industry to run your projects
  • our determination to constantly exceed your expectations

What drives us is not being the biggest, but rather, always working towards being the best.