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Quality Assurance

Our dedicated team makes every effort to match your corporate style with the most suitable translators. To maintain the highest possible standards, we use only the best translators available. More than 90% of our translations are carried out by translators living in their native country.

ISO 17100

Planet Languages was one of the first companies in the world to achieve certification to the international ISO 17100 translation services standard. This is the definitive quality standard for the translation industry. In order for a translation project to comply with the standard, our process includes a key additional step, which is that every translation must be sent to an independent linguist for revision.

WebTracker – Online Project Management System

Our own, bespoke project management system, developed with two main objectives:

1. to allow our clients to log on to our website and check the progress of each of their multilingual projects, in real time. On larger projects in particular, this development gives our clients real peace of mind, since they can track every stage of their project and are able to ask for clarification on any aspect of the job, as it is taking place.

2. to assist our own project managers to see at a glance exactly what they are working on and at which stage each project is at. This ensures optimum workflow, leading to an increase in the quality and efficiency of the project management process.

Our WebTracker project management system is now integrated as part of the quality process we follow for projects that need to meet the requirements of the ISO 17100 Translation Services standard.

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Association of Translation Companies
Planet Languages is a full member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), the only association representing professional translation companies in the UK. Member companies must abide by the Association’s strict Code of Professional Conduct. One of the ATC’s criteria is that members must carry professional indemnity insurance, so that in the unlikely event of a successful claim of negligence against us, we will be able to meet our financial obligations. Our current level of insurance cover of £1,000,000 is ten times the ATC’s recommended minimum amount.